Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Time!

Today begins the 12 day period where I enjoy calling Chris an old man.  With only 12 days between our birthdays, I try and work it in as much as possible before I end up at the same age as him.  :)

When we first started dating, I thought it would be fun to take a road trip to San Antonio to celebrate his birthday. It was our first trip together, and I knew that it really touched Chris to see that someone cared enough to celebrate his birthday.  Every year since then we have traded off celebrating our birthdays on mini trips.

Chris' birthday - 2007 in San Antonio

My birthday - 2008 in New Orleans (only there for 16 hours before we were evacuated for Hurricane Gustav)

Chris' birthday - 2009 hiking in the national park, Hot Springs Arkansas

My birthday - 2010 stomping grapes in Fredericksburg, TX

This year would have been another trip for his birthday, but since we'll be in Philly for Corinne's wedding right around mine we decided to keep it simple for his.  I'll be back soon to share some pictures from our "big night out"!

Do you have any fun traditions or birthday celebrations for you or your spouse?


  1. Happy Birthday to Chris!

    That's so fun that you do mini trips for this. We used to do that for our dating anniversary and recently stopped. This just reminded me that I really want to start doing that again!

  2. I'm 3 months older than my husband, and he takes advantage of those months by calling me 'old lady' and 'cradle robber' as often as he can!

  3. Thanks, I'll tell him :)

  4. Haha, gotta love the old comments

  5. That's an awesome birthday tradition!!

  6. What a fun tradition, and it's so great that you have pictures from every year to document! Our birthdays are a month apart, and on mine we try a fancy-schmansy restaurant we've never been to every year. For his, we try a new burger place:) Anniversaries we go to different bed and breakfasts we can drive to in the tri-state area.

  7. Those both sound like fun ways to celebrate1

  8. whoa, that's kinda crazy! Sak and I have 12 days between our birthdays too! only i'm the older one..booo! lol. love your tradition, have fun this year!

  9. Seriously?! That is crazy, and awesome :)