Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilting 101: Basics

It's the birthday that keeps giving!  To go along with the sewing machine that Chris gave me for my birthday, my parents gifted me a beginners quilting class at Jo-Ann's. Last week I packed up my supplies and headed over to learn something new.

When they say beginners, they really do start with the basics.  We spent most of the time practicing the art of cutting pieces, pressing and sewing them together.  

I did pick up a couple of tips and terminology like chain sewing, selvages and dog ears.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to actually finish our 9 block, so I had to square off the corner pieces and sew it all together at home.

It's a little off, but I'm hoping with practice I'll get better at lining it up.  Plus, when I make enough to complete the quilt, I'm hoping the not exactly straight ones will just blend in thanks to the busy patterns.

My thoughts on the class?  I thought it was really helpful if you have never used a rotary cutter or simple stitch before.  Since I have practiced those skills with all of those pillow cases I've made, I wish I would have learned a little more on what happens after you piece the squares together - like how to combine the quilt top to batting and the backing.  I hope to finish enough squares to make a quilt (not sure how long that will take, cutting those pieces is time consuming!), and when I get to that point I'm sure Google or You Tube can help me out with the batting and backing part.

Have you ever taken a class for a hobby or interest?


  1. Your square looks really good- I love the colors! I'm glad you've discovered a new hobby :) I learned how to quilt online from some really good blogs.
    I love these two posts-
    Sandwiching your backing, batting and top: (I like to use a spray adhesive to really make the pieces stick together before pinning them)
    And this one on hand stiched binding:
    Good luck!!!

    1. Thank you Liz!! I am definitely going to check those out!

  2. Fun! I really want to learn how to sew and quilt. It's on my to do list in the next couple of years. I really like the colors you picked.