Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Challenge: Days 1-5

Yay - It's Photo Challenge Time!!  It's not too late to join in the Our Wired Lives Photo Challenge (details found here).

Just like last year, I'm going to share Monday-Friday photos on Friday and then do bonus Saturday and Sunday posts for those pictures.

Day 1 - Self Portrait

Opted to take it in our renovated half bath because our bathroom would have provided a boring white wall background.

Day 2 - Fashion

I pretty much lived in jeans and t-shirts in college and have reverted back to this type of fashion with my ability to work from home.

Day 3 - Home

These frames are the beginning of our gallery wall for our future home.  That little frame to the right of the family picture from our wedding is going to house the key to our first house.  We plan on having the locks changed when we buy a house, so Chris came up with the idea to keep the key we get at closing and frame it along side "1424" which was the apartment number of our first place together.

Day 4 - Love

Constant reminders of love that I wear everyday - the love of my husband and my love for my alma mater basking in the natural light.   Added bonus, they're sitting on top of a new found love for sewing.

Day 5 - Sunset

The best I could do after happy hour last night.

Be sure to follow along with the other participants of the Our Wired Lives Photo Challenge!


  1. such a great job. Your denim stack reminded me of the Denim Wall at the Gap. I use to work there in college and that darn wall would take forever to fold perfectly but always looked so darn good.

  2. Love your fashion picture! I'm such a denim girl. If I could live in them every day, I would!

  3. Love the home picture - great idea with the key! Love those kind of wall hangings - so personal!

  4. I absolutely love the pictures! I love your love one! Such a pretty picture!

  5. Such good ideas for the gallery wall, I might have to steal a few!!

  6. Great photos - love the key in the frame idea.