Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quilt Patchwork Complete

And surprisingly it didn't take as long as I thought!

I left the quilting class with a basic pattern and spent one weekend watching football, cutting, pressing, pinning, and sewing on a repeat cycle.

Of course it's best to do all of your math right the first time.  I miscalculated and had to make a return trip to the store for additional fabric.  For me it was easier to do one repetitive task at a time, so I cut all of the pieces at once.  Then I created all the individual boxes at once.  Then I pressed and sewed and so on. 

Once each 9 block piece was complete I laid them out to make sure I sewed them in the correct pattern.

Some more pinning, sewing and pressing later and I was left with one final piece.  

I took these shots on top of our queen size bed if that helps for reference of how big it is.  I'm guessing it's about twin size (to have some hanging off the sides), but with the amount of work that went into this I'm sure it will be more of a decorative piece than an every day use blanket.

The middle section is pretty busy, but since the fabric came in the original bundle I purchased I wanted to use it to break up the overall pattern.

Now, to combine this with batting, a backing and some binding to complete the quilt.  I've read and watched some great tutorials online and hope to finish this after I pick up some other suggested supplies.


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed! I've always thought about taking up quilting, but it seems so intimidating!

    1. Thank you!! It really helped me to do a certain part and then take a break. I found that if I stayed at it for too long my back would start to hurt from leaning over so the breaks really helped!

  2. Lauren
    I love you blogs
    saludos From Chile

  3. Impressive!!!! It looks great!