Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo Challenge: Days 22-26

Day 22 - Bokeh

I really wanted to try Bokeh with some lights, but I couldn't find any Christmas lights.  Here's a shot with black and white blur.

Day 23 - Dark

Dark clouds rolled in with a storm this week.

Day 24 - Black & White

Couldn't resist using my black and white dog for this prompt.  Love contrast in her fur coloring in this shot.

Day 25 - Bright

Love my bright green "pin cushion" (it's magnetic) and bobbin holder.  I broke it out (and my sewing machine) for the YHL Pinterest Challenge.  Post coming up next week to reveal what I made.

Day 26 - New

My old ear buds have seen some better days, the rubber has pulled off and sound is less than stellar in the right ear.  I ordered a new walking foot for my sewing machine, but wanted the free shipping which meant I needed to add something to the cart.  New Ear Pods it is!

Be sure to follow along with the other participants of the Our Wired Lives Photo Challenge!


  1. such a great picture of your dog!

  2. Great choice of subjects for your photos :) Your dog is the cutest. I love salt&pepper dogs. My own dog (Lila the pug) is starting to go white on her little chin.

  3. Aww.. you've gotta a cutie pie doggie up there! I love the "need free shipping" excuse. I use it ALL.THE.TIME.

  4. Your dog is so cute! I love that shot!