Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Don't Drink Coffee, But...

...this came home with me after a recent stop to Target, and I'm really excited about it!

Neither Chris nor I are coffee drinkers so we never had a coffee pot in our apartment.  When my parents would come over for breakfast they would always stop for coffee on the way.  As I dream about the future house, I always think about hosting holidays there and how it would be nice to offer family members coffee instead of running out to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts.

With a belated wedding gift card from one of our friends (it was riding around in his trunk for nearly a year before he was able to give it to us), we decided to pick up a Keurig during Target's buy one get a gift card deal.  For us, the options of iced tea, hot chocolate and tea were the bigger selling points.  I love me some hot tea or hot chocolate during the winter weather!  If we were regular coffee drinkers, I think a pot would have been the better option but with the few cups of coffee that would be made at our house (for family or friends) I think this will do the trick.  Now to start trying out K cups!

And speaking of recent finds...

After I took the edible picture for the photo challenge, I really wanted to find that knife.  Thankfully, mom located it at Marshall's for $3.99!

What is your favorite cold weather drink?


  1. We're totally not coffee drinkers either - I always feel bad when we have guests but we just don't have room in our kitchen for yet another appliance that will only get used every few months, haha. And yay for the new knife!

  2. we don't have a coffee maker either! but i think a keurig is great for guests and for the hot chocolate you mentioned!