Saturday, December 17, 2011

WEverb11 Weekly Wrap-up

This week has been pretty hectic packing everything up and moving so here's a quick rundown of the WEverb prompts from this week.

#12 Thrive - What was your healthiest habit of 2011? What would you like to change or do differently in 2012?
The healthiest habit of 2011 would probably be focusing more on savings.  We saved so much for our wedding which meant sacrificing in some other areas (like going out all the time), but it was so rewarding to know that if we make a financial goal, we can do it.  I would really love to get back into healthy eating and working out habits in 2012.  Its something that happens every new year, but this year my mom and I are determined to motivate each other to get out there and get healthy.

#13 Read - What article or book changed your outlook on an issue or life?
Joining a book club and getting that kindle provided some great reading material this year.  The book that had me thinking about the way others live and made me rethinking some of my "first world" problems was Same Kind of Different As Me.

#14 Breath - How did you make space + peace for yourself in 2011? I'm going to combine this one with #16 Persevere - Describe something that disappointed you in 2011 and how you persevered.
The actions of some people in relation to our wedding really disappointed me.  It hurt me to see what a toll it took on my husband. At one point we decided to just step back and I think it has really helped with some of the stress and anger we were feeling.  Hopefully things will change in the future, but for now we're focused on putting our family first.

#15 Surprise - What event of 2011 affected you in an unexpected way? 
I can't think of an event that affected me in an unexpected way.  Most of the events of 2011 were planned in advance (25 month engagement), so I don't really have anything for this prompt.

This month I'm participating in WEverb11, you can find out more info here. Thanks to Kim for setting it up!

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