Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby 101

We all know that babies are a life changer, but I never had the chance to see it first hand until I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with my friends who are parents to a cute 4 month old.

Little pals

Usually when I'm around my friends and their new babies, it's for an hour or so and then they're gone.  I know there's no way to really know until you have a child, but spending the weekend gave me a better idea of how much your life changes with a baby.  There was the not so fun part of a fussy baby at bedtime, spit up, a baby that didn't want to take a bath, difficulties at nap time and many, many diaper changes.  On the other hand, there was fun belly time, seeing him roll over on his own, eyes that light up at the shake of a toy and that sweet, contagious smile.

That weekend gave me a little taste of how our life will change when we bring a child into this world.  I had the chance to talk candidly with the new parents and hear about the struggles and the joys, as well as see some of the products that they highly recommend for a future registry.   I came away knowing that everyday won't be easy, I'll probably be exhausted and close to tears on some days.  But nurturing a life created by Chris & I, a reminder of what's important (love and family), and seeing those milestones as they grow up will make it all worth it.


  1. such a cute picture! the hard parts of parenting is enough to scare someone out of thinking about it! oh, but the joys--i can't imagine...

  2. Very true! And those two little boys are probably going to be awesome friends. I think it helps to have friends that are going through the same stage in life as you are.

  3. I love hanging out with friends babies....not many of ours have them yet, but when we do it's always exciting. :)

  4. I know!! I didn't realize until my sister had her first baby 8 years ago what a HUGE task it was, but it is also so rewarding and now I'm really looking forward to it.