Sunday, December 11, 2011

Appreciate, Create, Try

#9 Appreciate - In which moment did you find yourself flooded with gratitude?  How will you rally around gratitude in 2012?

There's really no way that I can pick any moment other than our wedding for this prompt.  I was amazed at the amount of friends and family that traveled across the US to celebrate our marriage back in April.  There were family friends that my parents have not seen since we moved to Texas in 1995, that flew down from the east coast for our wedding.  Looking around the room during our reception and knowing that everyone in that room was there because they loved us was so overwhelming.  I am so thankful and will always cherish the memories made that night.

#10 Create - Share a creative project you undertook this year (art, writing, DIY, cooking, home decoration, crafts, photography...).  How do you use your creativity to express yourself?

Our wedding really started the creative juices rolling, and Pinterest continued it.  There is so much inspiration out there and I hope these personal projects will help to make our future house into a home.  Some of my favorite DIY projects this year were the canvas states for where Chris and I were born, and my recent work with clay to recreate our wedding cake into an ornament.

#11 Try - What 12 new things do you want to do/accomplish in 2012?

Several of these things can be found on my 30 before 30 list, here are 12 of my favorites:

- Buy a house
- Grow a flower or plant
- Learn a new computer skill from Chris
- Make a scrapbook from our photobooth strips and postcards
- Eat something from a food truck
- Weed out and donate old clothes
- Get in better physical shape
- Travel outside of the country
- Read more books
- Try new recipes
- Take a road trip
- Go to a college football game

This month I'm participating in WEverb11, you can find out more info here. Thanks to Kim for setting it up!

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  1. I loved your creates this year! I'm still determined to create canvas states for our home.