Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Cards

I'll be excited for 4pm today because I will not have to turn the work computer back on until January 3.

Chris and I have been doing Christmas cards since we started dating, I think this was number 5 for him.  When we unpack and I can find the older cards I hope to put them in a scrapbook.  Here's a look back at the pictures we used in past Christmas cards:




2010 We used one of our engagement pictures

And here was our card from this year, which I ordered from Shutterfly.

I thought ordered enough but sadly I did not :(  Next year I'll be sure to order extras. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! 


  1. Oh, such a good idea to do a photo card every year, I wish we had done that!

  2. So nice to look back over the years! Happy holidays to your family!

  3. happy holidays! beautiful card!

  4. Such a pretty card!! Love the one you chose.

  5. I loved getting yours in the mail this year- such a great photo of the two of you! I love your stockings in the background oinone of your other photos too= do you remember where you got them?

  6. Thanks! we got them from Garden Ridge and then my MIL added the names.