Friday, September 28, 2012

Kitchen Gets A Paint Job

I've always wanted to paint, living in one white area after the next, and the opportunities have not stopped in this house!  After we broke out the paint rollers for the half bath and the laundry room, we moved onto the newly tiled kitchen.

I'm sad that I didn't get a chance to take the best before shots of the kitchen, but these will have to do for comparison sake.

I can tell you there were many trips to the paint department before mom finally settled on Behr's Tangy.  With the new paint job on the walls, mom and dad decided to donate the old kitchen table and chairs to make room for a beautiful glass and leather set that they purchased off my aunt's big move.  Gotta love when Aunt Bunny moves because it usually means that she will be buying new pieces and getting rid of her current furniture at a discount or for free! The dining room set that Chris and I own as well as the set my brother owns are former Aunt Bunny pieces.

The new paint, tile and kitchen set are a huge improvement!

There are still projects on the list before this room will be considered complete, such as new countertops, staining the cabinets, a new stove and some new lighting over the island, but I think it's really coming along!

And one last before and after for the road.

Do you normally test out several paint samples before landing on the one you like most?


  1. I love that color! It's so bright and cheery!

  2. I LOVE the yellow. Really makes it pop.

  3. The yellow looks great! My mom decided a few years ago she wanted a red accent wall — at the time my dad was traveling, and we just went and bought a couple of red samples and started painting without telling him! He freaked out a little when he finally saw it, but it turned out really nice!

    1. That's too funny! We started painting the half bath and dad wasn't too into it. Now he's the painting machine (with all that extra time being retired) and really enjoys changing up the rooms.

  4. Wow.. what definition and character it provides. We used a bazillion samples before deciding. Great choice.