Friday, August 10, 2012

Get Your Colors Brighter

And I do mean brighter!

While replacing the floors in the kitchen, we made the most of an empty laundry room to brighten it up. 

I have to admit I was really surprised when mom decided to step out of the comfort of her warmer paint tones to add a pop of color that would coordinate with her blue and green rug.

Mom and I knocked out the first coat of paint while trying to break for the Olympics and Dad followed up with a perfect second coat to even it all out. There may or may not have been comments about Ray Charles doing the first coat, but I'm sure that person was mistaken.

It's even brighter once the lights are turned on.

I'm so glad mom went out of her comfort zone with this room's color! I think it really brightens up this small space.

Have you gone with a bold color in any of your rooms?


  1. Hey Lauren, sorry to do this via comment, but I couldn't find your contact information? Can you email me at I have a question for ya.

  2. it really does brighten it all up! Great choice.

  3. Love the color choice!! Looks fantastic!