Friday, November 4, 2011

Home Ideas: Wine Corks

As we branch out and try more wines, we have started to save the corks.  Although my last experience with corks was not an enjoyable one, I still want to do something cool with them.

A quick search of Pinterest and I came up with a couple of DIY projects for the home.

Cork letters would be great in a gameroom or bar area.

Via Style at Home, pin from Justsunny

Via Katydidandkid, pin from Rachel

How cute is that little tree?  Both of those ideas are cute and perfect for the holidays.  I love decorating for Christmas!

Via Whole Living, pin from Joy

Cork trivet, these would come in handy for any dinner party or when the time comes for us to host a holiday meal.

I don't think we could drink enough wine for this table, but it looks too awesome to not be included!  Maybe a smaller version as a side table?

Via craftynest, pin from Christina

I don't know how comfortable that would be to step onto, or how it does with water, but I do like the look of it.

Probably the most likely project for me, the cork pin board would make a good addition to our future office.

Do you have any collections that you can turn into a DIY project?


  1. I love projects with wine corks! My favorite that I've ever seen is actually the simplest ever - one of my friends has a giant decorative bowl on her kitchen counter where they toss all of the wine corks they use. They've been collecting for years so it's really full, and it looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. great ideas--i saved up so many wine corks one year thinking that i may use them in the wedding, and just ended up getting rid of them! maybe i should start saving again.

  3. We're thinking of a vineyard wedding. How cute would that cork board be to hang the escort cards on?? And the cork initials for our table?! Pinterest just got two of these re-pinned by me!