Thursday, December 20, 2012

Living Room Reno Near Complete

And just in time for Christmas!

Before Thanksgiving, the living room had been transformed by the new floors.  We called upon our amazing contractor once again to handle the popcorn ceiling and painting.  Painting is normally something we handle ourselves, but with a two story foyer we figured it would be easier to leave it to the pros.  It was a construction zone for a couple of days...

...but that was it.  2 days after the team started, they were cleaning up and heading out.  Mom selected Sherwin-Williams' Tinsmith, which is a light grey, to paint the foyer, living room and up the stairs.

I love how the paint makes the white trim pop.

Freshly painted living room!

Since mom and dad prioritized removal of the popcorn ceiling, that left little room in the budget for new furniture.  While I know that new furniture will come along down the road, for right now they were able to squeeze in a new rug, TV stand, and a newer modern fan.

Once the popcorn was removed, the team did add some texture to the ceiling in order to match the texture on the walls.

I see some shopping trips in the future to pick out those finishing pieces like a mirror or art for above the fireplace.  My parents still have plans to get a larger TV, and once that comes in they intend for it to be hung on the wall.  The room isn't completely finished, but the major renovations of new floors, new ceiling and paint are complete.  Details and new furniture will be worked on along the way.

And one last before and after of the living room.

You may notice in the after shot that the fireplace looks different.  The team glazed it, and although it may be popular in newer houses to show the detail in the mantel, it didn't really fit in with our house.  Our contractor had no hurt feelings, and quickly sent someone to paint it back to white.

Now to enjoy this room with the family for Christmas! I'll try and pop in before the new year, but if I don't I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!

This year's holiday card thanks to Tiny Prints


  1. Beautiful! I especially love the new fan!

  2. LOVE the grey paint and it's amazing what removing popcorn ceilings can do for a room! Our current house has them and I'm really not a fan (we just rent, though). Looks great!

  3. I love the paint color your chose! It looks so much more modern now!