Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Card Display

First, I can't thank you all enough for how sweet your comments were on my last post about Gypsy.  She brought so much to my life and I'm happy to have so many pictures and memories of her.  She was a staple in our holiday cards and I'm glad she was able to make one last appearance on our card this year.

Holiday cards.  I love sending them and I love receiving them!  It's always so exciting to pick up the mail in December, hoping to see something other than junk mail.  The only problem is that I've never had a way to properly display them.

During our days in the apartment, I would just stand them up on our pass through and hope that they didn't fall down when people walked by.

This year, I wanted that to change.  I looked through Pinterest and the web until I had an idea of what I wanted to make.  After picking up my supplies (frame, ribbon, mini clothes pins and letters) from Micheal's I was ready to get started.

I used adhesive spray and glitter that I had on hand to brighten up the letters.

A little bit of tacky glue to attach the ribbon and letters to the frame, clip on the cards and I was good to go.

An easy project and a great way to display the holiday cards every year!

Do you enjoy sending holiday cards?  How do you display them?


  1. Very cute! Holiday cards are so much fun to display!!

  2. So cute! We definitely need a better way to display our cards, this looks perfect!

  3. such a great idea, especially since so many folks send flat cards instead of folded cards these days!

  4. This is a cute idea! Last year I just thumbtacked a ribbon to the wall and paper-clipped all our cards to it, but it was quite jumbled! My SIL gifted me with a card wreath, and it's has kept everything looking pretty and organized!