Monday, July 2, 2012

Left Over Art

With so many supplies left over from the map project, I decided to make use of some and fill a couple of frames for our future gallery wall.

In order to spell out "Oh the places we'll go" I needed 2 packages of letters with the majority of the letters going unused. Thankfully there was one "L" left, so I picked up a bottle of red paint and made quick work of  the letters L-O-V-E.

Since moving to Texas, I've always associated those letters in red with the statue in my home town of Philly.  This little frame of art reminds me of home and also Chris as he had it tattooed on his arm right before our wedding.

With the red paint on my mind and some left over card stock from cutting out the states, I decided to honor another home town - my dad's birth place of Trinidad and Tobago.

I've always been proud of my father and his heritage.  It was so exciting to share the experience of visiting my dad's roots with Chris and I'm glad we'll have a little reminder of that heritage in our future house.

Do you try and make the most of any left over materials from your projects?


  1. That's a great idea! I'm still working on just getting the photos in place for our gallery wall, I hadn't even thought of using anything besides pictures!

    1. It took us quite some time to get the photo portion of our gallery together because I was lazy when it came to ordering wedding prints! Now I've been trying to fill the remaining frames with some fun non wedding pictures.

  2. I love the non-photo components of gallery walls - such simple additions but they make such a difference!

  3. Thanks! I love the balance of art to photo in gallery walls so we've been trying to come up with ways to include some personal art.

  4. you always have such great ideas for meaningful art!

  5. Cute! I always love meaningful and unique art!

  6. I always love what you come up to when it comes to art! And that it's personal is such a great extra touch too!