Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Round Up

Yay, for a fun weekend!  It kicked off with my cousin Jason (who is like an older brother) flying down for a visit.

Here he is walking my mom down during our wedding

It's always fun to catch up and bring back memories of when we were younger.  This also happened to be the big weekend when we finally got to meet my brother's new girlfriend!  Unlike me, who had Chris meeting my family after only one month of dating (in all fairness it was really because it happened to be the only time my dad would be in town from Atlanta where he was working on assignment for a couple of years), Dennis normally takes a while to feel out the situation before bringing anyone to meet us.  Danielle was really great and I'm so hoping this works out!  She got to see us all in our best form - cracking jokes and enjoying some Rudy's BBQ.

While searching the web I found out who the maker of our vessel sink is!  

It's a RonBow tempered 2 layer glass sink that could be found online for $369.  This put a huge smile on my face since we got it for a deal at $99.

Speaking of deals, mom was on it again, this time with a new light for their kitchen.  Making our rounds Saturday morning, mom found a light that she really liked but learned that that location did not have any in stock.  We had to head up the road so I could pick up Chris' birthday gift (the location we were at didn't have any of that in stock either), and she struck up another deal.  This location had the same light, for $79 instead of the original price of $99.  They didn't have any in stock, but would sell her the floor model for $69.  Not too shabby!

We made time to catch the Dark Knight and get some yogurt in between clearing out the kitchen and laundry room in preparation for the team to come today and start working on the new floor. 

Gotta love the fridge in the living room

And to round it out I finished a painting for the half bath.  After seeing our little tribute to the Philly statue for our gallery wall, mom wanted a little love in her house.  I told her it would be easy to paint, if she picked up the supplies.

How was your weekend?  Any fun projects or deals?


  1. Busy weekend! I love frozen yogurt! Again, it's so sweet how close you and your mama are.

  2. you and your mom are deal-hunting machines! sounds like a fun weekend.

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun, busy weekend. And that Love painting is great, I love the color combo!

    1. Thanks!! I was really happy with the pop of red over the yellow.