Monday, June 25, 2012

No More Work!

For my dad that is.  Yesterday we took dad out to brunch to celebrate his upcoming retirement.  My dad has worked since he came to this country, starting as a taxi driver up in New York while he was in college.

We headed over to Blue Mesa which was the scene of our rehearsal dinner before our wedding.  No one in the family (except for one happy hour for me) had been back since that weekend, so it was fun to remember that special time.

Thanks to mom who had the smarts to make reservations, we were seated quickly after arriving.  That place was packed!  After enjoying the mimsoas and brunch buffet I can understand why it's so popular.

For the many years he has put into work, I hope he can enjoy this well deserved time off!


  1. That's such an accomplishment, big congrats to your dad on his retirement!

  2. Congratulations to your dad!

  3. hooray for your dad's retirement! hope he enjoys it to the fullest.