Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30 Before 30: Staycation

A big thanks to mom for crossing this one off the list.  After reading over my list, she gifted us a free weekend stay at a local hotel that she won in an auction.  We tried to go in May right after Chris' semester ended, but that must have been a popular weekend as many of his coworkers had already requested off.  So June it was.

With Friday off, we decided to head over to Dealey Plaza and check out the Sixth Floor Museum which chronicles the presidency of JFK and the fatal shot that took place in Texas.  If you are ever in the Dallas area, I highly suggest taking the audio tour.  It was so informative and really interesting to see the exact window where Lee Harvey Oswald took that shot.

There's no photography allowed inside, so the shot of the door was the only picture of the museum that I took.

Looking down Elm street

Dealey Plaza

The sixth floor window, second from top on the far right

From there we headed over to Ft. Worth to check out the new food truck park.  I had such a great time at the last one, and knew this one would be even better because it was a larger space with a variety of  trucks.

The Cowtown Chow Down had 9 trucks parked when we arrived for lunch, as well as the stationary snow cone hut.

Chris enjoyed a Monte Cristo dog from Eat Jo Dawgs while I opted for a savory Chicken Florentine crepe from Cruzin' Chef.

We couldn't leave without a little snow cone action.  These things were HUGE!  It's hard to believe that these were smalls.  I can only wonder what the largest "bubba" size was.

After lunch, we checked into our hotel and rested before walking over to Benihana for dinner.  Always love the hibachi experience!

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast before heading over to check out some furniture stores to kill time.  It was really so I could get a better idea of the type of furniture Chris envisions in our future home.  The sales person at Ashley's was worse than a car salesman.  We were up front as soon as we walked in the door telling him we were just looking with no intent to make a purchase.  That man followed us around the entire store coming up 3 more times to say something as we walked around.  It was not an enjoyable experience.

With that behind us, we enjoyed an early movie, a freebie lunch at Chick-Fil-A (thanks Christmas bingo gift cards) and then a wine tasting at Su Vino in Grapevine.  I'm not sure if it was the time of day, or that summer has kicked off, but Su Vino was packed with people.  Thankfully, we were able to grab a couple of chairs at the counter when another couple finished up and enjoyed trying some new wines as well as some of our favorites from our last trip.

For dinner we headed over to Smash burger where I tasted my first black bean burger.

One last breakfast Sunday morning and back home we went.

Have you ever spent some time exploring your home town?


  1. I think it's fun to play "tourist" at home. Looks like a super fun weekend!

  2. I'm always amazed that I lived in DFW for so long and never experienced so much of it!

  3. I'm dying to do a staycation sometime soon! It seems like a blast - looks like you had a great time!

  4. I love when we have out of town guests because it gives us an excuse to be tourists ;-) Staycations are fantastic. Yours looked great!

  5. Staycations are awesome, and have the added perk of being less stressful since you're still near home! Yours looked awesome! I wish we had a chick fil a up here...:P