Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Travelin' Tuesday: New Orleans

How much can you do/see in New Orleans in 16 hours?

This is something we found out when we went for my birthday in 2008.  Our trip was supposed to be 4 days, but thanks to the evacuation for Hurricane Gustav, we were back on a plane 16 hours after we had landed.

Thankfully the weather was beautiful during the time we were there so shortly after landing we changed and headed out on a walk around the French Quarter, see the sights and pick up a couple of souvenirs. 

We even had the chance to check out the beautiful architecture of buildings that we sadly wouldn't get to enjoy such as Cafe Du Monde, the Hard Rock Cafe and Muriel's.

Since our original plan was to eat at Hard Rock, which was already closed for the hurricane, we had dinner at Pat O'Brien's.

I'm not sure if it was a mix of the hand grenades (the drinks in those plastic bottles) or the food but during our walking ghost tour I wasn't feeling so great.

After our haunted history tour we headed back to the hotel not knowing what the status of the rest of our trip would be.  The news was warning of the impending hurricane and the town was starting to close down stores, restaurants and the trolleys.  Early the next the morning I woke up to find Chris not doing so well, which ended up being a blessing in disguise.  After checking on him, I turned on the lights to see that a letter of mandatory evacuation from the hotel had been slipped under the door.  I was quick to call American Airlines and get on the earliest flight out of town.

We were sad to cut our trip short (and even sadder that we forked over so much for airport breakfast), but we knew there was no taking chances with a hurricane in New Orleans.

The good news is that we were able to plan another trip there and had the chance to experience the town all over again.

Has bad weather ever ruined your trip?


  1. At least you got to go back! I haven't ever had an experience that completely ruined a trip like that, but I've had a few "almosts," usually due to snow storms stopping planes.

    1. I bet with the snow up there! We had a flight canceled due to snow one Christmas Eve, it sucked to have to spend most of Christmas day in airports/ on airplanes.

  2. i like how you were both still all smiles (except for the last photo) for the trip even with the impending hurricane! glad you got to go back.

  3. I've never been to Nola, but I really want to go! It looks so pretty.

  4. Id love to go to nola someday..bummer that your first trip didn't go quite as planned.

  5. Your trip looks amazing, and now I'm itching to go to New Orleans! It's always been on my vacation "to do" list, and now that my husband and I are finally planning our very belated honeymoon, we're thinking about NOLA, and your post makes me want to go even more! If we do decide to go there, I'm hitting you up for more recommendations. :)

  6. I LOVED New Orleans - can't wait to go back. What a fun city full of things to do. I'm so sorry yours got cut short but it looks like you had a great time in those 16 hours.