Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Travelin' Tuesday: Disney Part 2

Disney Part 1

Our second full day was split between Magic Kingdom and another stop over at Epcot for the main attractions.

It's interesting that the separate lands within Magic Kingdom open at different times.  This could be a pro or a con because it does mean that everyone tends to head in the same direction.  On the other hand, it means that we were able to get onto certain rides and were again in the beginning of the line when other lands opened.

We hit up all of the main attractions at Magic Kingdom in record time (I really thought this would be an all day park) and hopped on the tram back over to Epcot.  Going in April was pretty good timing, the lines were very manageable, most of which we breezed through in 15 minutes or less.  Soarin' was the only ride that I started to get a little antsy as we waiting in line for over an hour.  On the plus side, at least we were waiting inside of a building rather than outside like most rides.

Later that night we headed back to Magic Kingdom for a chance to pick up some personalized ears and see the fireworks.

Our last half day was spent on the rides of Hollywood Studios.

We only had a half day because we had to make it back to the airport to catch our shuttle down to Port Canaveral for our cruise.  We made the most of it by using the magic hours and fast pass options.

I was really happy with the dining package while we were in Disney.  Our package included lunch, a snack and dinner everyday.  We could eat lunch at any of the eateries and it included a drink and dessert from a selected menu.

Snacks tended to be ice cream while we tried to cool off during the day in the park.

Our dinners were in Epcot because it had the biggest selection of nicer restaurants.   Our meal in Canada was by far one of the best meals we've had while traveling.  I would go back for that meal in an instant!

It was a jam packed 3 days, but I am so glad we added a couple of days onto our trip to make this possible.  I am excited to return, hopefully with kids of our own.


  1. I've been to WDW over a dozen times, and waiting an hour for Soarin' seems to be business as usual. I went over NYE one year, and the wait time was over four hours, no joke!

    So glad you had a great trip... makes me want to go back ASAP :)

    1. Four hours?!? Crazy! It was a fun ride though, and I'm glad we stuck it out.

  2. So jealous! That looks like a blast!

  3. How fun! I LOVE Disney World! :)

  4. I love this! I'm definitely following this particular series and taking notes for when I will one day go to Disney World. :) And you're totally right - timing is everything when it comes to the Disney parks! When my family came up on President's Day weekend, we had horrible lines (like 60+ minutes for all of the big ones). Though fast passes do help. Does Disney World have those yet?

    1. Oh yes, those fast passes were a big help for us to ride Test Track, Mission: Space & Toy Story Mania!

  5. Wow, you really did have a whirlwind trip! We were there for 5 days and still didn't get to see/ride everything. I got sick on our 2nd day there so I have to take it slower but that just means another trip back. I love the photo of Chris with the sword - somehow we completely missed that! While we didn't do the dining package (too much food for us!), we visited some great restaurants (Via Napoli in Italy was a fave) and I'm thinking we need to add the France one in on our next trip.