Friday, January 27, 2012

Five For Friday

Thanks to Ali from His Birdie's Nest and Monica at C'est Law Vie for this idea.  To always appreciate the things Chris does for me, I'm going to start the Five for Friday and try and do it every week along with a favorite picture of us.

1. You brought home cold medicine when I was sick, and then exchanged it because I deal with pills better than liquid.
2. You went to throw out Gypsy's poop bag so I wouldn't have to walk in the big puddle.
3. You played Dance Central with me.  Our moves aren't great, but it's so fun to play together.
4. You didn't blame me when you started to come down with the sickness I probably gave you.
5. You told me my Visio skills were amazing.

One of the first pictures we took together

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