Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Front Yard Is Shaping up

Our front yard is beginning to look so much better!

This past weekend, we met our landscaper at a local nursery to pick out bushes to plant in front of our house.  For a couple of months our front beds have been empty since we had the unruly bushes removed.

Those bushes were crazy and it really annoyed us that it blocked our house number so delivery people usually had to circle back to us.  Our landscaper removed them (among all of the other wild weed and dead bush clean up that I mentioned in this post) and those areas remained empty while we saved up for more yard work to be completed.

From empty to looking so much better!  

The bushes we selected are a mixture of Dwarf Yaupon Holly (the larger ones in the back), Shrub Indian Hawthorn in Snow White and Pinkie Indian Hawthorn.  I can't wait to see the color come into the smaller bushes in the front.  

Chris and I also picked up some solar power lights to line the walkway, hopefully that will come in handy for the trick or treaters at the end of the month.

Prepping the house for Halloween

I'm also hoping that the candy will last till the end of the month!  We've already been sampling... it brings back great Halloween memories of my childhood.

And before I wrap this up, a before and in progress shot of the front yard.  It was really nice to get compliments from our neighbors on how much better this house is looking!

 Do you decorate your house for Halloween?  Will you be handing out candy or heading out to party at the end of the month?

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