Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting Our Yard Work On

One thing that we loved about our house, but at the same time were a little cautious about was all of the yard work.  Our house has one of the largest lots in the neighborhood and the original owners (not the couple that sold it to us) put in a ton of work in both the front and the back that sadly was not kept up by the sellers while the house sat on the market.  Because of this, there was a lot of overgrowth as well as weeds and dead bushes that just needed to go.

The front yard during our first showing

As you can see in the shot above, those 4 bushes in front are a little unruly and even block our house number.  With so many deliveries and companies coming over to give estimates on work I'm sure it's annoying for them to have to circle back because they missed the house the first time.

We also had a lot of low hanging tree branches that blocked our path to the shed and would get in the way whenever we walked on the back patio.

Throw into the mix all of the weeds, dead rose bushes with thorns sticking out everywhere and the craziness that is the back garden and we decided to enlist the help of my parents' landscaper who has been doing work for them for years.  Martin's crew came one Saturday and knocked out an enormous amount of clean up that made so much of a difference.  They left the branches in bundles on the front part of our house which we would have left except that trash pick up would not occur until Thursday and I'm sure a neighbor or the HOA would have something to say about it.  Because of this, Chris and I found ourselves lifting those large bundles into the garage.  I meant to take a shot of the bundles lining the street but I was too busy sweating like no other trying to get the work done.

I don't think this shot really showcases the amount of branches we have, but it'll have to do.  After we raked, swepted and bagged all of the little remaining pieces we were able to actually walk around the yard and be amazed at the work Martin's crew completed.

Hello house number (well at least the blurred area where the house number is)

This was taken for our "we've moved" cards before Chris' graduation.  We didn't know that Martin's team was going to be there that day, so you can see behind us where they've already removed the front bushes.

We're going to pick some other lower bushes to replace in the front, and Chris and I are thinking of some DIY work to add a little something something to the corner of our front yard that is looking a little bare.

I know now we'll need to invest in some good rakes for the fall because there will be a ton of leaves!

Do you enjoy doing yard work?


  1. It's looking great! I think yard work sucks to do but it's SO gratifying in the end!

  2. Yard work is my least favorite! I have a black thumb, so I prefer to just let things grow as they are. Hubs mows our tiny lawn, and while I complain that we don't really have a backyard, I know I wouldn't be able to do much of anything if we did have one! Just more work for hubs.

  3. It looks wonderful! I'll have to learn to enjoy yard work, cause ours needs a ton of help!

    1. HAHA, I'm right there with you on learning to enjoying it.. right now it kinda scares me the amount of upkeep the yard will entail especially in the fall.