Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Bold Choice

While Chris and I pick out and agree on the colors in the majority of the rooms, we did decide that we each would get complete control over one room in the house.  For me it's my office and for Chris it is his gameroom.

The other night, we headed over and knocked out another night of painting this time in his gameroom. 

Gameroom during our first showing

As I'm sure you know by now, Chris and I really love the colors blue and green.  We are trying to branch out with different colors as well - our main area will be Sherwin Williams Jubilee which is a silver gray color and you've already seen the white and juniper ash in the laundry room.  But with the gameroom as his area of full control, I kinda knew it would be a nice bold blue (Behr Bermudan Blue).  I really like the shade he picked out and with the sunlight that flows through those two windows it's actually a little lighter in person than it appears in these pictures.

You may have also noticed in the picture above a couple of ceiling fans.  Most designers may cringe at ceiling fans, but living in Texas we kinda depend on them to help battle the heat.  Chris the handyman went around upstairs, removed the boob lights and installed the fans in each of the guest rooms.

I love the additional light in each of these rooms and the fans help push the cold air from the vents.

As we move items over from my parents' house and clear out our storage shed, we'll continue to piece together Chris' gameroom which will include updating the single light with a remote ceiling fan.

Do you have any bold colors in your home?


  1. We are planning on doing quite a few bold colors. It makes me a little nervous, but it's easy to change and it could look awesome like your room!

    1. Can't wait to see the bold colors you use! I was nervous like you, but you're right paint is an easy thing to change!

  2. The blue looks great! And any designer that thinks ceiling fans are terrible should come live here for at least a month. With no fans available. In August. That'll change their tune! :)

  3. Very pretty color choice! Looking forward to seeing the other bold colors you guys use along the way.

    And I'll admit to being a fan hater myself, but our bonus/game room definitely has two fans that will be staying. So useful on vaulted ceilings!

  4. I love the color! We also have ceiling fans in every room in our house, except for the kitchen/dining room. It gets hot in AZ!

  5. That looks awesome! I'm a ceiling fan lover, too. One wall in our living room (although it's really only half a wall, in front of the stairs) is PURPLE. I mean, PURPLE. And I love it. It will really be a pain to paint over whenever we go to sell the house, but it's pretty fantastic to enjoy.

  6. Love it!! And dining room is RED, even the ceiling :) and I have white mouldings. There is a panned area in the middle where the light fixture is, that has additional decorative white mouldings..and Curt almost fainted when he came home and saw the RED room, but he LOVES it. He hates painting, so as long as he doesn't have to paint, he's OK. Then I painted our bedroom from tan to a warm rust color we both loved in our previous home...I'm working now on a new color for my utility room. Think I'll go real neutral...having trouble finding anything I love. LOVE your new home!! Tamra Johnson