Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hunting Houses: The Final Chapter

After all of the stress from the pool, I was hoping to just cruise to closing.  Just our luck, there would be no cruising.

This time around the reason for my stress (to potential rage) was our homeowner's insurance.  I first contacted the same group that has done my parents home and car insurance for years (they actually worked with another office before that guy retired and gave his clients to this office) back on July 1.  July 2nd we had our policy quote and I was told the inspector would be ordered the next day.  Days go by and I hear nothing so I follow up to get the response "what? they haven't contacted you for an inspection yet?"  Um, isn't that your job?  Finally get the inspection scheduled for July 15, and then the inspector cancels that morning.  I'm just a little ticked at this point, but they get it rescheduled for Friday, July 19.

The weekend rolls by and I call for an update on Monday and Tuesday.  By this time, I'm freaking out because our loan can't go to underwriting without proof of insurance.  I finally get ahold of the manager of the agency office and I'm pretty sure the shit hit the fan at that point.  With the manager now involved, he was working up the chain of command to get our policy completed that day, Wednesday July 24.  Exactly one week before we were scheduled to close.

By this time, I have gone through the range of emotions.  Angry, Nervous, Stressed Out. I just couldn't believe that something relatively simple like homeowner's insurance could potentially delay our closing.

Finally, finally at 2 pm I received word that the proof of insurance was on it's way to our lender.  The lender was able to push through underwriting (in 24 hours!) to get the approval and our closing went as scheduled on July 31!

Although we signed all of the docs on Wednesday, we won't be getting the keys until later since the title company has to wait for the hard copies to be overnighted from the out of state sellers.

Similar to Marge Simpson's response to the best family vacation at Itchy and Scratchy Land, this home buying experience was exciting and emotional.  Now let us never speak of it again.


  1. So happy for you guys that everything worked it's way out and you're all signed. Now to just get those keys already!

  2. I'm so glad it all worked out! Closing is always such a headache!

  3. Thanks everyone!! I'm so glad the process is over and so excited to make this house our home!

  4. I'm glad everything worked out in the end! It sounds stressful, but worth it!