Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekend Updates

This past weekend was supposed to be Chris' weekend off from house projects, but we were able to squeeze in a couple of updates.

First up: towel hooks.

Our master bath had no towel bars or hooks by the time we received the keys to the house.  My guess is that the sellers had installed their own when they owned the house, and took them with them when they packed up.  I thought that all fixtures are supposed to stay with the house when you're selling, but we weren't big fans of what they had anyways so it was ok that they took them. You can see the hooks in this picture from our house hunt.

We picked up some brushed nickle hooks from Home Depot on Friday night and Chris got to work installing them as well as some hand towel rings by each of our sinks.  I also hung some art/decor to fill up some of the empty wall space in the bathroom.

In another oddity there was no towel bar in the guest bath upstairs either (only the one that comes in the actual shower), so we installed a oil rubbed bronze one to go with the color scheme in there.

In not so fun news we noticed that our garbage disposal has not been working and started to fill the sink back up with crud when we run the water.  I thought we would need to call a plumber, but Chris knew how to take apart our old one and replace it with a new one.  So glad he's got these house skills!

Our other weekend updates came courtesy of our handyman (the same one that was in charge of the changes at my parents house).  He was able to mount the family room tv above our fireplace and run the cords upstairs to a nook in the gameroom.  This way we're left with a clean look in our family room and with a point anywhere RF remote (which should be arriving any day now), we'll be able to use the remote downstairs to send a signal to the box upstairs.  For now we have to go upstairs if we want to change the channel or we just watch tv in the gameroom.

And last but not least, we finally got rid of the outside light that has been on constantly since the first day we came to see the house back in June.

Someone really smart got paint over the sensor so the light was always on.  Chris tried to look at it before, but when pulling it down he noticed that there was different hard wiring for the each of the lights so we left it up until our handyman could look at.  It turns out the left light is wired to the sensor while the right light is connected to the another 4 lights that we have going around our backyard which are all controlled by a switch in our master bedroom (something we only learned this weekend when trying every switch we could to figure out what the other light was wired to).

Have you made any updates to your house lately?


  1. I love how you have your tv set up! Did you have to run the wires around the fireplace? Ours is like this too, but Brian says the wires can't be run up due to the fireplace but I'm determined to find a way to make it look nicer :)

  2. From what I can tell while our handyman was working, is that the wires go up, maybe to the side of the fireplace? He also added an outlet so the power cord to the tv is plugged in right behind the tv, and the wires went up and pop out in the gameroom which is right above our living room/backs up to the wall that the fireplace is on. Sorry I didn't catch the technical specifics.