Monday, February 18, 2013


After getting our hair done on Saturday, Mom and I were off to run some errands.  She has been on the hunt for a statement mirror to go above their large mantle in the living room so we try to frequent our local Home Goods.  The problem is, good finds go quick at that store!  And with the hold area at the front of the store (items purchased and waiting for the customers to come back with larger transportation) you always see those great finds and get jealous that you didn't find them first.

Mom struck out again on the mirror hunt, but I scored a home run with this lovely bench!

I have dreamed about our future master bedroom which includes a new king bed to go with the king bedding that we received for our wedding (we were thinking ahead!).  I've always loved the idea of a bench at the end of the bed, but didn't have space for it in our old apartment.

Just enough space for one person to walk between the bed and dresser

While walking through the mirror section with mom, I actually spotted an identical bench in darker brown first.  It was nice, but once I saw the neutral color I knew it would work better with our bedding (and any future changes in bedding).

Pillows from our king bedding

And true to the nature of good finds going fast at this store.  From the time I spotted the bench and decided to buy it (standing by it while waiting for the guy to carry it to the front), 2 sets of people came up voicing interest in it.  

And the best part?  It has storage space!  

Perfect to store some of the blankets that always seems to be thrown around during the colder months.

Do you have anything at the foot of your bed?

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  1. I love that bench! We desperately need a new one for the foot of our bed...the one we have now is completely falling apart!