Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Travelin' Tuesday: Philly

Isn't it funny how people tend to take for granted tourist areas where they live?  

I grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia and can not remember ever going to see the Liberty bell.  Because of this, a trip to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell center was needed for Chris' first trip back to my home state.

Dad pointing out our ancestor William Still who was famous for his work with the underground railroad.

We hopped on the trolley to take a quick tour of the home of Betsy Ross and the famed Elfreth's Alley.

And we finished off our day in the city with some cheesesteaks.  

We only had one day in the city before we headed to New Jersey for our family reunion, but I think we did a good job of hitting some of the top spots.  Hopefully we'll be back and really get to take in Philly.

Have you been to the top tourist area's of your town?


  1. PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT's. Now I'm hungry, lol! Whenever someone comes to visit us, we try to take them around all the tourist sites in Philly. I always think it's nice when you can see a city from a local's point of view, so I try to do that. We've done it so many times, that now we spice it up by giving our own haunted Philly tours. haha!

  2. B-T-dubs, all the places in these pictures are haunted. lol

  3. i have always taken for granted the tourist activities in the areas where i live--shame on me! we took a short trip to philly last year and loved it. elfreth's alley is so cute!

  4. Very fun! We went to Philly a couple of years ago but we didn't visit any of the tourist attractions. I always prefer to see the "real" side of the places I visit!

    1. We definitely try to do a mix when we travel!

  5. I find I'm doing the same thing here, taking for granted some of the tourist areas in Dallas and other parts of Texas. It was great having friends and family in for the wedding because we did some of those things that we never get around to.

  6. I live super close to Philly, and I've barely spent any time there. I live 2 hours away! I'm hoping to go to a conference there this year, and I'm going to take an extra day to do some sightseeing. I saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall when I was in middle school (our 8th grade trip). I'm excited to go back.

  7. Wow I love to travel and Philly and Jesery will always be home.. Glad you and Chris got to see the sights... I could sure go for a cheese steak and a tasty-kake right now..