Friday, February 24, 2012

Five For Friday

1. You introduced me to some new music like Buddahead and Civil Twilight.
2. You downloaded the new song from the Hunger Games album and shared it with me.
3. You started reading (and finished) the first Hunger games book so I can talk about it with you when we go see the movie next month. (or talk about it with you after each major event in the book as you read :)
4. You didn't think I was crazy when I hunted down mom's ice cream spoons, and told me to order them.
5.  You left the extra 27 cents in the account.

New Years Eve 2007


  1. a hunger games couple! i don't think i could get my husband to read it--how sad!

  2. I'm with lavenderpug. That's awesome that he's reading along!

  3. It was hard because I wanted to talk about the book when I was reading them, but he said he would read it so I held off. It's great to finally be able to discuss!

  4. Just this morning Aaron told me he's going to read the hunger games so we can chat about it too! My heart melted!