Monday, December 9, 2013

Iced In

This past weekend the Dallas area was hit with some nasty ice.

Growing up in Pennsylvania I've lived with the cold and the snow, but this past weekend's weather was crazy - 1-4 inches of thick ice.  While it did lead to some interesting pictures in our backyard...

It also led to some pretty bad damage of the trees as well.  The trees that stand where the pool used to be probably took it the worse, they just couldn't handle the weight of the ice and several branches snapped off.

Thankfully that area is further away from the house so none it it touched the house.  We will have our landscaper come out after the thaw to remove what needs to be removed as well as some of the larger branches on the thicker trees that broke under the ice weight as well.

The scariest part would be the trees the closest to the house.  Thankfully we had the branches that touched the house removed back when we moved in.  But the ice did cause the branches still remaining to bend all the way to the house, with at least higher 4 branches breaking off (and now resting on top of the lower branches still attached to the tree).

(If you look towards the top you can see the snapped branch which is hanging down at an angle)

(our trees don't normally touch the ground)

Chris and I spent the entire weekend at home, going out to let Heisenberg use the bathroom and to try and remove the ice/branches that we could (mainly the ones that were leaning on the fences) and shovel out our front driveway.  Hopefully as the weather starts to warm up above freezing we'll be able to venture out today because I do have a case of cabin fever.


  1. Poor trees! I'm bummed that we didn't get any snow in College Station, but at least we haven't been trapped at home for days... :(

  2. I'm so sorry you guys got hit with such a horrible storm and that so many trees were damaged, but I have to say... The photos of everything covered in ice are just gorgeous!

  3. Poor trees! Though you took great photos of them. While it's sad to see badly damaged trees, you're right in getting a landscaper so that he (or she) can help the trees get back in their old shape again once the weather warms up. Once that happens, post some new photos of them!
    Melva Ullman @