Monday, November 4, 2013

Good Bye Pool!

We are so glad to be rid of this thing!

If you followed our home buying journey then you probably remember how the above ground pool on the property almost cost us the deal.  The issue was that above ground pools are not permitted per our HOA rules.  I have no clue how the original owner was able to have this installed, but it caused a little bit of panic on my part before closing when it was identified that the title company and mortgage company would have issues with an exception to the HOA rules. Thankfully we were able to sign a document at closing indicating that we would not hold the title company responsible for the pool and that we would be removing it.

I reached out to our city to see if a permit was required to remove the above ground pool and the answer was nope.  We just had to make sure that the water was drained down the street and not to any of our neighbors' yards.  After researching and contacting a couple of demolition companies, we accepted the bid for one and now that thing is GONE!

We had the company also remove the wood deck as we would like to have this as a nice grassy area for kids to run around on.  The rest of the yard is filled with trees and bushes so there is not as much open area back there.

While the company was breaking down the pool, the foreman asked if I knew that there was a leak in the pool.  I didn't, but that's just another great reason for getting rid of it!  All this time that my dad was filling the pool with water, the water was leaking into the area above the ground/below the pool.

Lucky for us, the water was gone in a day or two...of course during the storms in the weeks since it has filled up and evaporated a couple of times over. We will probably work with the same company to fill and level out the area with dirt, and then work with our landscaper to plant grass.

I don't want to press our luck, but I believe this removal marks the end of our large, out of pocket house expenses for the time being.  Now to fill that void with buying baby items!

Did it seem like you had a lot of out of pocket expenses in the months right after buying your home?


  1. I don't know about right after we bought, since it was before we got married and before I moved in, but it seems like big expenses seem to all happen right at the same time!

  2. Good riddance! I can't wait to see how you change your yard now that the pool is gone!

    1. I can't wait either! Too bad we just got the first quote on filling it in and it's almost twice as much as it was to get rid of the pool and deck, ouch! So now I'll have to do some research and see what our other options are.

  3. Glad you got rid of it! Can't wait to see how the yard evolves now that it is gone!

    And I hear ya on out of pocket expenses. We're getting a new roof and gutters later this week....dang thing will cost more than I paid for my car!

    1. I feel ya! That's what we said about that HVAC system haha.