Friday, June 28, 2013

Hunting Houses: So Nice, Can We See It Twice?

In between the two showings I described in the last post, we had a house with some real potential!

We debated looking at this house because of the above ground pool in the backyard.  My parents have a pool (in ground) and it seems like a lot of maintenance and upkeep that we really didn't want to deal with.  Although I'm sure it would be expensive, there is the possibility to remove the above ground pool so we added the house to the list.  

The entryway is the same as the other two houses with the dining room to your left and the stairs a little to your right.

Love the hardwood in the foyer that carries into the half bath and we think it might be under the carpet in the office (where Chris is standing the doorway) as well.  Down the road there is the potential to carry that hardwood into the family room (or redo it if a match could not be found).

One structural difference between this house and the other two we saw was no formal living room in front.  Instead this house has a larger dining room that connects to the kitchen via a butler's pantry.  I also love the walk in pantry located across from the butler's pantry.

The cabinets in the kitchen appear to be in great shape and once we save up we could replace the countertops, sink, backsplash and appliances in the future.

The kitchen looks into the family room which has the vaulted ceiling that was on our wish list.

Through that hallway you see above (to the left of the fireplace) is the utility room for the washer and dryer and the master bedroom.

I was a big fan of the bay windows in the master and loved the amount of space in the master bath.

The master bath includes separate vanities, shower, tub, walk in closet and a closed off commode. An interesting addition to this master is a door that leads outside to the side yard and that pool.

The backyard has a lot of potential with some landscaping.  Although this house backs up to other backyards, we had a sense of privacy with all of the mature trees that were planted.

I really like that the concrete slab in the back is extended (compared to the slabs at the other two houses) and it wraps around to the side yard.

Back inside we headed upstairs to check out the gameroom and 3 secondary bedrooms.

The gameroom would be a great space for Chris to make his own.

All 3 bedrooms have vaulted ceilings which I think gives an added feel of space to each room.

Walking through this house was a refreshing change from the first house. Amazing how very similar houses can show so differently!  Once we finished with the third house we spoke with Iris about how this house layout was something that we had been interested since 2011 and that we really liked the second house.  So much so, that we scheduled a second showing for Sunday to take a longer look.

Do you think it is possible to fall in love with a house so quickly?


  1. This house is so much nicer than the other two you saw! Looks like a bit less of a fixer upper too, without having to replace kitchen cabinets or remove master bath wallpaper, but a really nice foundation to customize as your own. The above ground pool looked surprisingly nice too, with the plantings around it. I can definitely see why you guys are going back for a second look!

    1. I agree! It not in major need of fixing up, but has lots of potential for us to make changes and make it our own.

  2. This one looks like it could be a winner :) I love the pantry and all those vaulted ceilings!

    1. I never thought I would care about the pantry... that was until I saw this one!

  3. I love this house! The past two years have been the first in my life that I've lived without a pool, and even though they're a lot of upkeep, I've insisted that our next home have one. Although, if you and Chris are not far from your parents, you might as well just enjoy theirs without the hassle!

    1. :) That's exactly what we told my parents, we would just come and use theirs!

  4. This house looks like a winner! Love the vaulted ceilings!