Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Petite Lasagnas

After heading out to pick up my mini muffin pan for my Pinterest food inspiration, I was ready to test it out!  There are several recipes for bite size lasagna out there, but I used the one from The Girl Who Ate Everything 

- 1 Jar of Marina Sauce (did not use the whole thing)
- 1 Pound of Ground Beef
- 48 Wonton Wrappers (found these near the tofu section in the grocery store)
- Cheeses: Italian Blend, Parmesan, Mozzarella & Ricotta
- Salt, Pepper & Oregano to season (I ended up skipping out on the onions)

I started off by browning the beef, seasoning it with a little salt and pepper.

Spray the mini muffin pan and place one wrapper in each cup.  I used the whole wrapper, and simply folded it so it would fit inside the mini cups.  I felt like this gave more of a structure to the outside.

I sprinkled Parmesan & Italian blend cheese into each cup, followed by a half spoonful of ricotta.  Next, I layered the beef, a spoonful of marina sauce and a sprinkle of oregano.

For the second layer, Chris stepped in to help cut the wrappers.  We used the top of a shot glass and he was able to cut several at one time.  

I used the smaller circle wrapper and repeated the layers from before - cheese, meat, and sauce.  I finished them off with some more Parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

Into the oven at 375 degrees for 18 minutes and out came

They popped out very easily, next time I won't use as much spray.  I served them with a spinach salad and some garlic toast.  I think this may have been Chris' favorite recipe to date because his were gone in no time and he went back for seconds. 

Do you have any favorite mini food recipes? 


  1. Omg those are ridiculously cute!! Id probably eat the whole pan lol

  2. Those are so cute and delicious looking!! I love anything mini!

  3. These are so cute! I'm not a big fan of lasagna, but this is a great idea - I could see doing petite burritos or something like that!

  4. Those look DELICIOUS and totally not helping the Italian craving I've been having the past week... LOL!

  5. These are genius!

  6. These look so yummy and fun! I want to try a mini recipe now :)

  7. I haven't seen mini meatloaves, but that sounds like a great idea!

  8. My dad loves to make mini meatloaves in cupcake tins. They're so easy, quick, and great for lunch the next day. You can do a ton with them. We had regular, barbeque, bacon and cheddar... You can tweak them any way you like! :)

    I am going to have to try out this recipe! It looks delicious!