Thursday, July 21, 2011

Will The Name Change Process Ever End?

I was so happy that I had the chance to knock out the major name change items in one day - Social Security, Driver's License and the bank.  I had to hold off on my passport because I needed it in my maiden name for our honeymoon.

Can we go back tomorrow?  I miss the all inclusive

Since there are no out-of-the-country trips in our near future I wasn't in a big rush to send in my passport...until I read the fine print.  I should probably back it up a little and give some more info.  My old passport expired in August of this year, we honeymooned in May.  You would think everything would be ok, until I read on the MSNBC that some countries "will not permit travelers to enter the country unless their passports will remain valid for at least six months after their scheduled departure."  I don't think Mexico is one of those countries, but there is no way I was going to risk it.  So one completed form, 100+ dollars and a certified mailing later I renewed my passport in time for our May honeymoon.

I originally thought that I would have to sink another $100 bucks to get my name change, but after reading the small print I noticed that if you send off for a name change within a year of your last renewal it's free.  That's right, FREE.  For once, I wasn't being screwed out of more money (I'm looking at your county office for an official copy of the marriage license) for this name change.  Since I didn't want to risk anything in the timing, I went ahead and sent off the passport yesterday.  Hopefully that marks the end of my major name changes.  The minor ones will come in due time.

If you're married and changed your name, were you able to knock out the major changes quickly?


  1. I'm still working on mine. Just banks, credit card, and poassport. I've just been kind of lazy.

  2. i got everything except the driver's license done quickly, thank goodness. but for months I couldn't use my credit card because it didn't match the name on my old DL! stupid CA DMV. lol. glad you got all yours out of the way! it's a good feeling to be finished with the hassle :)