Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Early Entrance - Part 2

Catch up on Part 1 here

Friday 3/14
When we last left off, I had been checked into L&D and hooked up to monitors and watching some Iron Man 3 as I waited for what the next steps would be.  The nurses continued to check in on me, explaining what they were doing and why - which I truly appreciated.  Since things seemed stable, my OB gave the go ahead over the phone to allow me to eat and said he would drop by shortly.

One major plus to our hospital was the nicer dining menu

When my OB stopped by we talked about the plan of action - I was going to meet with the high risk OB, have another sonogram taken to check on the baby and hear what his opinions were.  The rule of thumb is that if your water has broken and are 34 weeks or more they will likely induce labor, if you're less than 34 weeks they will try and hold out unless there is a problem.  Since I was so close to the 34 week cut off, he wanted to hold out throughout the weekend before induction.  The great news was that the high risk OB said everything looked fine with the baby for now so he agreed with holding off on labor to give the steroids more time to do what they needed to do. 

With the continuous monitoring of the baby's heartbeat, my vitals being checked regularly and the antibiotics through the IV, we were good to hold on as long as we could.  The only downer was that I would be moved out of L&D into the High Risk wing.  As my nurse explained - L&D is great at getting babies out, High Risk is better at keeping them in.  The rest of Friday was spent watching TV, getting checked up on, a visit with my mom (who was too cute and picked up some smaller outfits as options for baby boy's arrival since we didn't buy many smaller outfits thinking he was going to be a bigger baby) while Chris ran home to pick up some more items.  The great news for the day was that I was in the clear to end the continuous monitoring at 8 pm which allowed me to get a little bit of sleep as I had not slept since I woke up Thursday morning.  I did wake up at 3am for my second steroid shot and changing out my antibiotics and wasn't really able to sleep after that, but laid in the dark trying to give Chris some extra time to sleep.

A rare sight - usually I'm the one under all the blankets - but in the hospital I needed it as cold as possible

Saturday 3/15 & Sunday 3/16
Not too much went on Saturday - we watched movies and a Black Sails marathon, ate meals, and enjoyed a surprise visit from my brother (who was nice enough to move up his appointment for his Tdap shot up a week when I told him my water broke).  The nursing team continued to check up on my vitals, the baby heartbeat and my contractions which had almost become nonexistent (a good sign that things were stable). With everything looking good, Chris spent the night at home with Heisenberg since my parents had a prior commitment.  I made use of the downtime by addressing some baby twin shower invites.

Sunday was more the same - vital check ups, monitoring of our son's heartbeat and the switch from antibiotics via IV to antibiotics via pills. It was great not to have to wheel in the IV machine anymore when I had to use the restroom! We got to spend some time with our local friends that are expecting twins in the very near future and also received one of the sweetest surprise gifts from our friends in Houston who had warm, soft cookies delivered to our hospital room.

Sunday night we got another call from my OB who let us know that spots had opened up to start the process on Monday.  A part of me wanted to wait until Tuesday just because I was so worried about how early it was, but I knew that one extra day wasn't going to make a world of difference and if waiting that extra day would increase any risk to baby boy I needed to prepare myself to get this show on the road.

Up next - It's show time...

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  1. sounds like you had really good perspective and kept calm during this time--i'm impressed! so sweet of your mom to get the smaller clothes and your brother to get the tdap shot.