Friday, November 16, 2012

In Progress: Renovation Updates

New Paint!  New Floors!  New Fixtures!

We've been busy around the house with more renovations and I'm dying to share the finished products.  Unfortunately, getting to the after isn't as quick as we would like (a money tree would really help out!).  But, we're working it and slowly but surely we'll get there.

The Dining Room

Mom & Dad scored some great oops paint for the dining room, a nice grey with some green undertones.

That ladder is older than me!  When my parents purchased their first house in 1979, the previous owners left that ladder with the home.  After years and years of added height, it was finally time to replace it with a new one.

The Living Room

I always laughed at those commercials with the furniture slides, but those things really work!  

Via Amazon

Mom and I were able to move out the sofa, 2 love seats, glass coffee table & entertainment center all by ourselves.

Even with professional cleanings, 17 years of wear and tear makes for ugh carpet 

Now the room is ready for a major upgrade to laminate wood flooring!

In other news, I also had the chance to read through this very inspiring book!

I've have one or two (or 20) projects that I can't wait to try out!

Has your "in progress" phase of a project or renovation taken longer than you would like?


  1. Ugh my whole house is in progress....and I think it will be for a VERY long time! Can't wait to see the new flooring!

  2. OoooOOooooh I LOVE your fireplace.

    And we have a grey dining room too!