Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Travelin' Tuesday: Costa Maya

Costa Maya was the third stop on our 2009 cruise and by this port we were ready to just relax on the beach.  A Mexican port close to some lesser known Mayan ruins (Chacchoben and Kohunlich), Costa Maya took a pretty bad hit from hurricane Dean in 2007.

The pier area is focused on the tourist business - with several nice shops, pools, a swim up bar area and stands for souvenirs.  Since we were the only ship docked there that day, the area was not as crowded as it could have been.

The weather wasn't really on our side as we stepped off of the boat, but thankfully the clouds and wind died down for a nice beach break that I booked.  For $35 each we secured some chairs under a palpa, chips and salsa and an open bar.

I did some research on Cruise Critic prior to the cruise and learned of some awesome hour massages on the beach for the low price of $20.  After sharing this information with the rest of my family it came as no surprised to see them head our way to cash in.

After a little more enjoyment of the view and a bite to eat, we made our way back to the ship.

It wasn't the most amazing beach I have ever seen, but it sure beat working in the office.


  1. Wow, that's an amazing deal for a massage! So cool!

  2. A massage on the beach sounds like the best hour ever!

    1. It was great for the first group! It started to sprinkle a little during mine, but we were in a tent so it wasn't too bad.

  3. great find on the massages! And you're so good about documenting and remembering all these trips!