Monday, June 27, 2011

Fist Pumpin' at the Jersey Shore

This past weekend I flew up to the east coast to celebrate with my amazing friend Corinne (BM Philly for those that read Weddingbee) for her Jersey Shore bachelorette party.

The weather was beautiful and Corinne's MOH and other (more local) BM did an amazing job with the food and activities for the weekend.  I couldn't really help with the food and alcohol since I was going with only my carry on, but I did make a sign.  It's something little, but I wanted to help in some way (besides chipping in money for the costs).

All of the bridesmaids also chipped in to give Corinne a beach bag with her new initials and some more beach items.

Honestly, I was a little bit worried about this weekend.  It's always a little hard when you don't really know all of the other bridesmaids/bride's friends as well (they all went to college together).  All of the ladies that were there for the weekend were super sweet and I had a blast with them.  I can't wait to hang out with them again in August!

Friday night was pretty chill.  We walked the beach, ordered in dinner and then went out for drinks.  That was about all the energy I had in me after a 3.5 hour plane ride and 5 hour car ride.  Saturday was a fun filled day at the beach where we saw this huge jellyfish on the sand.

I caught up on my celebrity gossip and we had some good girl talk in our beach chairs.  That night we headed out to no shower power hour at Ocean Drive.  There was definitely some fist pumping action going on in that club.  The band, Go Go Gadget, was awesome, and I'm surprised it was such a dance party at 6 in the evening.  We had some tasty Italian food for dinner and then hit a couple other bars before heading back to the house for more girl talk.

I'm so glad that I was able to make the trip up there and it made me so much more excited for Corinne's big day in August!!

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  1. J is from the Jersey Shore. I love going to visit. Yuo can't go without a good fist pump! Your tip sounds great for a bachelorette. I've seen Go Go Gadget before, too.